Urban Studies and Community Development Program

  • TBA

Accelerated-Degree Programs

  • BA/MPA Accelerated-Degree Political Science Students: Dr. Maureen Donaghy
  • BA/MPA Accelerated-Degree Economics Students: Dr. Michael Hayes 
  • BA/MPA Accelerated-Degree Urban Studies Students: Dr. Natasha Fletcher Urban Studies Program Director
  • CJ-MA/MPA Accelerated-Degree Students: Dr. Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn
  • JD/MPA Accelerated-Degree Students: Dr. Maureen Donaghy

Master of Public Administration

  • Community Development and Public Management Specialization: Students’ advisors are now listed in the RaptorConnect system (log in with Net ID) 
  • Executive MPA Students: Dr. Angie McGuire, MPA Graduate Director

Ph.D. in Public Affairs

  • First-Year Students: Dr. Stephen Danley
  • Students at the Dissertation Stage: Your Dissertation Supervisor
  • Graduate Assistants: Your GA Supervisor
  • Other Students: Dr. Lorraine C. Minnite

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Honor Societies

Internships and Jobs

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