Through our faculty, the Department of Public Policy and Administration is affiliated with world-class research institutes at Rutgers University-Camden.  From economic and community development on Camden’s Cooper Street, to regional challenges; from ‘neighborhood effects’ to community leadership, our institutes conduct cutting-edge academic and action research on local, regional, and national public policy issues.  On-going partnerships with government and the non-profit sector provide faculty, researchers, and students at our institutes with opportunities to contribute to the betterment of our communities.

Center for Urban Research and Education (CURE)

CURE was founded in 2011, and promotes research on national urban issues while training the next generation of urban scholars. Through its cross-disciplinary research, instruction, civic engagement projects and partnerships, CURE develops innovative solutions that address issues of equity and opportunity in diverse urban communities. 

Senator Walter Rand Institute of Public Affairs (WRI)

The WRI addresses public policy issues in southern New Jersey through applied research, community engagement, and organizational development.  The WRI was established in 1999 to honor the legacy of New Jersey State Senator Walter Rand and his tireless efforts to increase resources for southern New Jersey.  In addition to the diverse areas of expertise of WRI’s staff, the Institute utilizes the academic, programmatic and faculty resources of Rutgers University to engage public, government, non-profit and community stakeholders in addressing regional challenges.

Community Leadership Center (CLC)

The CLC is a service and research center created 1990, to help revitalize the nation’s second poorest city.  Its mission is to provide new organizational environments and strategies in order to build urban communities; it also seeks to strengthen partnerships between community stakeholders and to develop new knowledge and strategic approaches to meet the changing needs of low-income urban residents.