The Data Science certificate can be earned by MPA students in the Department of Public Policy and Administration (DPPA) at Rutgers–Camden.


The courses you take to earn this certificate will allow you to:

  • Develop data analysis skills for government or nonprofit management.
  • Become a better customer of research, graphs/figures, and financial information. 

Students can pursue this graduate certificate while completing their MPA degree:

  • Many of the Masters in Public Administration (MPA) core and elective courses you complete are also counted towards this certificate. See below for the complete list of data science core and elective courses. 

Certificate Requirements:

Students complete at least two core courses and two elective courses selected from the list below:

Two of the Following Core Courses
Research Methods  56:834:525
Financial Management for Public Programs  56:834:553
Data Visualization  56:834:653
Data Management  56:824:718
Two of the Following Elective Courses*
Public Management Information Systems 56:834:536
GIS for Public Sector 56:834:608
Quantitative Methods I 56:824:701
Quantitative Methods II 56:824:702
Categorical and Limited Dependent Variables 56:824:708
Applied Data Mining and Machine Learning 56:219:531
GIS for Data Science 56:219:523
*Any of the other core courses listed above not already taken can be counted as electives as well.

Have you finished all of the requirements?

  • Please fill out this DocuSign form. You will be asked to enter your name/email address and the certificate director’s name/email address. For the certificate director, please put Michael Hayes and
  • In the DocuSign form, you will select the program option “Data Science”. And you will input the specific courses you completed that fulfill the requirements for this certificate.
  • Once you submit this form, the MPA Director and the Graduate School will process this form.  


For more information about the Data Science Certificate, please contact the MPA Graduate Program Director Dr. Michael Hayes at You can also see more information on the Graduate School’s list of programs website