Peace Corps

Our students currently serving in the US Peace Corps are scattered throughout the world, ranging from Northern Africa to Eastern Europe and Latin America. Recent assignments have included Niger, Uganda, Moldova, Macedonia, and Guatemala and in previous years have included the Ukraine, Guatemala, and India.  

Students who serve and complete a Peace Corps placement will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Peace Corps in addition to the MPA.  

Other Overseas Organizations

Students that have opted not to go into the Peace Corps have found work in Cuba, Cambodia, Brazil, and Haiti.  For those students that are not doing the Peace Corps, it is highly encouraged that you start looking for an alternative overseas placement when you enroll in the fall. There are several issues that you need to address.

First, make sure that the organization you are interested in meets Rutgers’ work requirements. Specifically, in order to be deemed a credible institution, they should adhere to the following conditions:

  1. The organization should have been in operation for a long period of time;
  2. Provide any licensure, accreditation, or other legal recognition that the organization is a recognized nonprofit or NGO;
  3. Description of experience in hosting interns (how many over how many years);
  4. Any evaluation of their organization (e.g. an annual report).

Once all this information is completed, please contact IPSD track coordinator, Dr. Maureen M. Donaghy, to make sure that the organization adheres to these standards.