The IPSD program is no longer offered at Rutgers-Camden and has been replaced by the Coverdell Fellowship program for Returning Peace Corps Volunteeers (RPCVs).  The original IPSD program was established in the 1980s by Professor Michael Lang (Emeritus) of the Department of Public Policy & Administration and was the first Master’s in Public Administration degree in the nation to create a joint partnership with the U.S. Peace Corps. As a result of this partnership, the Peace Corps established the Master’s International Peace Corps program. Over 40 graduate schools in the U.S. have joined this partnership. In 2016, the Peace Corps discontinued the Master’s International Program. 

The goal of the International Public Service and Development specialization is to provide graduate students with the analytical tools and internship experience needed to work on development issues in the US and abroad. Our program combines graduate-level studies in Public Policy & Administration with coursework on community service, international development policy and administration, and nonprofit management.  

While enrolled, students conduct an internship in a community organization in Camden, which provides them with hands-on experience and prepares them for working in community environments in other nations.  Students enrolling in this program are expected to volunteer in the US Peace Corps, however, it is not required in order to be accepted to the program (students may apply and be admitted to the MPA degree but conduct their fieldwork elsewhere).

The IPSD makes a limited number of graduate fellowships available and priority funding will be given to those students that volunteer in the Peace Corps. Students choosing to conduct their overseas internship outside of the Peace Corps must work with the IPSD specialization Faculty Coordinator to find a suitable placement.