Our accelerated degree program is for advanced undergraduate majors in Urban Studies, Political Science, or Economics who want to continue their education and earn a Master’s degree in Public Administration. The graduate degree prepares students for professional careers in government and public service or further study in law or doctoral programs. It also provides the training and credentials necessary for career advancement in the public sector.  Since students in the accelerated degree program begin the transition to graduate studies in their final undergraduate year, only highly motivated individuals with strong academic backgrounds should consider this option.

Ordinarily, earning a BA and an MPA at Rutgers-Camden requires six years of full-time study and 162 credits (120 undergraduate and 42 graduate credits). Under our accelerated program, the same result can be achieved in five years with 150 credits by counting four MPA courses toward the elective requirements of the student’s undergraduate major.


  • We expect a current undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or higher.


  • Students apply for admission during the second semester of their junior year;
  • Submit a personal statement of no more than 300 words explaining your interest in pursuing an MPA, current undergraduate transcript, and resume to the MPA Director, Dr. Michael S. Hayes, michael.hayes@rutgers.edu

Program Acceptance

  • Acceptance into the BA/MPA program is determined after an evaluation of the application by the MPA Director.
  • Students will receive a letter from the MPA Graduate Director notifying them of acceptance to the program.

Senior Year

Students in the BA/MPA program take graduate coursework during senior year:

  • Students may take four of the common core of knowledge MPA courses (12 credits) during their senior year.
  • MPA courses are offered during the academic year. Summer registration is by permission only.  
  • These 12 hours of graduate credit are “double” counted towards both the undergraduate elective requirements AND the MPA requirements.
  • Students must complete and file a G-Prefix form to receive approval before enrollment in a Graduate level course.
  • Students who do not maintain a 3.00 GPA during their senior year may have their admission to the MPA program revoked.

Transitioning into the MPA Program

Students must apply for formal admission to the MPA program:

  • During the second semester of the senior year, students submit a regular application to the MPA program for admission to the Graduate School at Rutgers-Camden:
    • Application fees to the Graduate School are waived.
    • Apply to Rutgers-Camden program 568343.
    • Include a personal essay addressing your interest in the MPA degree.
    • The online application must include a resume and transcript.
    • Identify two recommenders to write letters of support – faculty or employer.
    • Complete and file all Graduate School application forms.
  • Accelerated Degree Program information is available on the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences website.

For information, contact the MPA Graduate Program Director Dr. Michael Hayes at Michael.hayes@rutgers.edu.