Chante’ Gunter, EMPA ’15

Chante Gunter - Rutgers EMPA

Chante’ Gunter is Administrative Analyst with the Office of Training and Professional Development Center in the New Jersey Department of Children and Families. Looking to advance professionally, she enrolled in the Executive MPA (EMPA) Program in 2013. “My colleagues admire my achievement, “ said Gunter, who noted that advanced degrees are valued in her department. Ms. … Read more of Chante’ Gunter, EMPA ’15

Greg Rappaport, EMPA ’13

In May 2013, Greg Rappaport, a supervisor with the N.J. Division of Child Protection and Permanency, completed his Rutgers EMPA degree along with his classmates who started together in spring 2011.  A father of three, Greg sought a program that would enable him to balance his work and personal life.  “It provided me with both an opportunity to … Read more of Greg Rappaport, EMPA ’13

Prentiss Dantzler, Ph.D. graduate

The training I received at Rutgers-Camden in the Public Affairs program is unparalleled. My ability to work with faculty and researchers across disciplinary lines on issues facing marginalized communities was first developed at RUC. Having the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of faculty that work at the nexus of theory and practice has allowed me … Read more of Prentiss Dantzler, Ph.D. graduate

Ashley Nickels, Ph.D. graduate

The Public Affairs Ph.D. Rutgers-Camden focuses on community development and offers a great blend of academic rigor and practical learning. Rutgers supported my summer study at ICPSR, IQMR, and the learning community of faculty and peers encouraged independent as well as collaborative research that led to publications in well-regarded journals. Studying at Rutgers-Camden, above all … Read more of Ashley Nickels, Ph.D. graduate