Todd Pisani, EMPA ’18

Todd Pisani

Todd is Regional Coordinator with Transitional Education and Employment Management Gateway through Rutgers University. What did you enjoy most about your academic program? The cohort model provided an amazing opportunity to meet other professionals and network across the state with folks from a variety of backgrounds. At one point I got involved with a classmate in … Continue reading Todd Pisani, EMPA ’18

Chad Socha, MPA ’18

Chad Socha

What did you enjoy most about your academic program? The opportunity to showcase and hone my skills. The courses and flexibility allowed me to build upon specific skill-sets which helped pave a clearer (and easier) path post-graduation looking for career opportunities. I also liked the intimacy of the program- both with professors and other students … Continue reading Chad Socha, MPA ’18

Chante’ Gunter, EMPA ’15

Chante Gunter - Rutgers EMPA

Chante’ Gunter is Administrative Analyst with the Office of Training and Professional Development Center in the New Jersey Department of Children and Families. Looking to advance professionally, she enrolled in the Executive MPA (EMPA) Program in 2013. “My colleagues admire my achievement, “ said Gunter, who noted that advanced degrees are valued in her department. Ms. … Continue reading Chante’ Gunter, EMPA ’15

Greg Rappaport, EMPA ’13

In May 2013, Greg Rappaport, a supervisor with the N.J. Division of Child Protection and Permanency, completed his Rutgers EMPA degree along with his classmates who started together in spring 2011. A father of three, Greg sought a program that would enable him to balance his work and personal life.  “It provided me with both an opportunity to … Continue reading Greg Rappaport, EMPA ’13