Internship and Internship Waiver Requests

An internship is required for all MPA students.  Students may receive a stipend for internships; however, students who are employed in a full-time salaried position may not use that position to meet the internship requirement.  

Internship waivers: 

Students who have substantial professional work experience — at least three years of relevant experience in the public or nonprofit sectors — may apply for a waiver to the MPA Graduate Program Director.  A current resume and description of the public sector experience are required for waiver consideration.  If an internship waiver is granted, students may apply for three credits of work experience.  The work experience credit form is filed by an MPA student after completion of at least twelve (12) credits in the MPA program.

An application for three (3) credits of work experience must be filed via DocuSign. The Work Experience DocuSign form is filed after the completion of four classes in the Rutgers-Camden MPA program.  

All exemptions and substitutions require the approval of the MPA Graduate Program Director.

Internship Courses

  • 56:834:541  Internship I
    All MPA students, (150 hours, three credits)