See Course Descriptions for details.

56:834:505 Organizational Behavior

56:834:522 Educational Supervision of Instruction*

56:834:536 Public Management Information Systems

56:834:545 Models for Planning in Education

56:834:546 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Education

56:834:547 Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement*

56:834:548 Developing Curriculum for Deep Learning*

56:834:549 Curriculum Leadership*

56:834:553 Financial Management of Public Programs

56:834:556 International Negotiations

56:834:558 Leadership and Communication

56:834:559 Ethics in Public and Nonprofit Sectors

56:834:570 Labor-Management Relations

56:834:600 Education Law and Finance

56:834:601 Writing for Public Policy and Administration

56:834:603 History and Practice of Community Development*

56:834:604 Alternative Development Strategies (with permission)

56:834:606 Poverty Alleviation Strategies*

56:834:607 Planning, Markets and Community Development (with permission)

56:834:608 Geographic Information Systems*

56:834:610 Regional Economic Development

56:834:612 Local Knowledge: City Policy (with permission)

56:834:613 Immigrants and Community Development

56:834:615 Housing Policy

56:834:616 International Economic Development

56:834:670 International Conflict and Conflict Resolution

* Required course in at least one specialization – can be used as elective, if not used as requirement.