Lori Minnite Cited in LULAC v. Deininger Case

An important decision was handed down in the Wisconsin voter ID case, LULAC v. Deininger.  The judge cited Professor Lori Minnite’s testimony in finding that the law unconstitutional and violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act (pp. 18-19): “As Professor Minnite testified, the publicity surrounding photo ID legislation creates the false perception that voter-impersonation … Continue reading Lori Minnite Cited in LULAC v. Deininger Case

Michael Javen Fortner’s Public Lecture

In a public lecture titled “Race, Politics and the Obama Presidency,” Michael Javen Fortner discussed how the race of the president influences the moral and political obligations of the presidency.  Prof. Fortner’s talk was sponsored by a prestigious award from the New Jersey Council for the Humanities to the Willingboro Public Library.