Michael Fortner Receives Grant

In May 2013, Michael Fortner received a grant of $1,107 from the New York State Archives Partnership Trust and the New York State Archives to support his research on the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

Lorraine C. Minnite and Michael Fortner Awarded Grants

Lorraine C. Minnite and Michael Fortner each were awarded Rutgers University Research Council grants for the 2013-2014 academic year.  Professor Minnite’s project will compile municipal voting data and indicators of urban poverty to analyze “The Political Exclusion of the Urban Poor.”  Professor Fortner will work with Ph.D. candidate Ashley Nickels on a research project titled “Principles, Prejudice and Policies.” 

Richard Harris and Ph.D. Candidate Wendy Osuzu Work on Forum Creation

Following on his visiting fellowship at St. Catherine’s College-Oxford, Richard Harris is working with the Rutgers Institute for Law and Philosophy (Professor John Oberdiek, Diretcor) and Oxford University’s Centre for Ethics and Philosophy of Law (Professor John Garner, Diretcor) to organize an ongoing forum for scholars to exchange research on the intersection of Philosophy, Law and Policy.  With … Continue reading Richard Harris and Ph.D. Candidate Wendy Osuzu Work on Forum Creation

Lorraine Minnite Publishes Article in New Political Science

Lorraine C. Minnite argues for a reinvigoration of propaganda studies in “New Challenges in the Study of Rightwing Propaganda: Priming the Populist Backlash to ‘Hope and Change,’” published in the December 2012 issue of the journal New Political Science (Vol. 34, no. 4).