1. MPA International Public Service and Development Specialization

…nation to create a joint partnership with the U.S. Peace Corps. As a result of this partnership, the Peace Corps established the Master’s International Peace Corps program. Over 40 graduate schools in the U.S. have joined this partnership. In 2016, the Peace Corps discontinued the Master’s International Program. Returning Peace…

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2. Job Resources

…can search for the job # at this link: https://www.philadelphiafed.org/careers/search-for-jobs. Applications for jobs #266543 and #266548 will be combined – applicants do not need to respond to both postings. City Administrator – City of Gloucester City Borough Administrator – Borough of Roselle Fund for New Jersey – Program Associate 2020-2022…

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3. Shourya Deb, Ph.D. 2020, Researcher, West Africa-Sahel Programme at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

My experience in the Rutgers-Camden Community Development Ph.D. was enriching and fulfilling. The choice of elective courses were varied which enabled me to create a learning niche for myself building on the core requirements. The coursework was instrumental in helping me grasp the nuances of conducting independent research while adding…

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4. Program Description

…months of MPA degree completion: Professional Employment Graduation Year 2018-19 Graduation Year 2017-18 Graduation Year 2016-17 Graduation Year 2015-16 National Government: USA 5% 20% 18% 8% State or Regional Government 30% 21% 24% 8% City, County, Other Local Government 28% 10% 18% 24% Obtaining Further Education 2% 0% 2% Nonprofit…

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5. Faculty

…Cooper St., Room 205 Phone: (856) 225-2973 Web: chevrier.camden.rutgers.edu Degree School: Harvard University Field of Degree: Ph.D. Public Policy Position: Professor of Public Policy and Administration Research Interests: arms control, chemical and biological weapons policy, international negotiations, conflict and conflict resolution Courses: International Negotiations, International Conflict and Conflict Resolution, Negotiations…

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6. Course Descriptions

…that accompany the growth of the nonunion sector in both private and public sectors. 56:834:556 International Negotiations (3) This course will examine both the substance and the process of international negotiations – principally, between or among governments. In the initial phase of the course, students will study the analysis of…

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