Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor consisting of a concentration of six courses (18 credits) that allow students to explore characteristics of urban areas and the people who live and work in these areas. The minor combines coursework from multiple disciplines giving students the opportunity to tailor their minor to complement their chosen major.

Students who envision themselves working in urban centers after graduation will find the additional coursework of an Urban Studies minor will better prepare them for that career path.

Minor Requirements

Two required courses for the minor from among the following:

To integrate these diverse perspectives, students enroll in any two introductory-level courses, which, taken at an early point, serve as a basis for the minor.

  • 50:975:102 Introduction to Urban Studies
  • 50:975:103 Urban Ecology and Regional Planning
  • 50:975:104 Power and Decision Making in Urban Communities 
  • 50:975:204 Poverty and the Urban Environment
  • 50:975:235 Camden and the Greater Philadelphia Region
  • 50:975:236 Introduction to Global Urbanization

Plus four elective courses for the minor
Students, with advice of the Urban Studies program director, also take 4 courses (12 other elective credits), which introduce them to a particular issue or set of challenges in urban areas.

  • At least 2 of these 4 courses must be taught in the Urban Studies program (975).
  • Only 6 credits from a student’s major may be applied to the minor.
  • At least 6 elective credits must be at the 300-level or above.

Students are encouraged to consider an Internship in Urban Studies (50:975:475) during their senior year to gain practical experience in an urban nonprofit organization or local government and work on their own professional development through targeted career development classes.

How to declare a Minor in Urban Studies

  1. Go the Registrar’s Office and tell them you want to declare a minor in Urban Studies
  2. Meet with the Urban Studies program director to confirm your course selections will qualify.
  3. Once your coursework is completed, the Registrar will post your minor on your transcript.