The Rutgers-Camden Graduate School provides access to financial assistance, scholarship support options, and academic merit awards to qualified Executive MPA degree program applicants. Applicants interested in financial aid should contact the Office of Financial Aid at the time of application. 

Tuition rates for the Rutgers-Camden Graduate School apply to MPA program courses and can be found here: 2023-2024 tuition & fee rates. Each class is three credits, and ten courses are required to complete the degree. In addition to tuition, student program fees for the Executive MPA Program are $700/semester in the fall and spring (2022-23); $800/summer semester. Off-Campus fees and technology fees are also due once per semester.

EMPA program fees are in addition to the tuition.

In addition to tuition, students incur Executive MPA Program Fees. Fees are charged per semester:

Fall:         $700 Program fee + $293.50 off-campus fee and $151.50 technology fee = $ 1,145.00 fees

Spring:    $1,145.00

Summer: $800 + $293.50 = $1093.50 fees