The graduate programs in Criminal Justice and in Public Policy and Administration offer a 48 credit dual curriculum leading to the MA and MPA degrees. Special application procedures apply:  Students apply to the graduate program in Criminal Justice and to the graduate program in Public Policy and Administration, and must be accepted into both programs. For course selection, admitted students must consult with the directors of each program.

Criminal Justice Core Courses (nine credits)         

  • 56:202:500 Policy Analysis in Criminal Justice
  • 56:202:600 Research Methods in Criminal Justice
  • 56:202:601 Data Analysis for Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Elective Courses (12 credits)

Approved courses include:

  • 56:202:510 Criminal Justice Issues and Trends
  • 56:202:513 Criminology 
  • 56:202:522 Juvenile Justice 
  • 56:202:529 Law and Society   
  • 56:202:540 Victimology
  • 56:202:552 Community Corrections
  • 56:202:573 Violent Crime
  • 56:202:605 Gender, Crime and Justice 

Public Administration Core Courses (15 credits)

  • 56:834:505 Organizational Behavior
  • 56:834:515 Introduction to Public Budgeting & Finance
  • 56:834:525 Principles of Public and Nonprofit Management
  • 56:834:536 Public Information Systems
  • 56:834:553 Financial Management of Public Programs  

Pubic Administration Electives (12 credits)

Select the courses from:

  • 56:834:503 Law and Public Policy
  • 56:834:557 Human Resources Management
  • 56:834:558 Leadership & Communication Skills 
  • 56:834:559 Ethics in the Public Sector   
  • 56:834:570 Labor-Management Relations in the Private & Public Sectors  

In addition to completing 48 credits, dual degree students must also write and successfully defend a thesis or pass comprehensive examinations in criminal justice policy analysis, research methods, data analysis, and an elective area.

Download a copy of the CJ/MPA Program Worksheet in PDF Format.