For students admitted in 2017 or earlier to the Education Specialization

Admissions to the Education Leadership Specialization are suspended as of September 6, 2018.  Students admitted prior to September 2018 will complete the existing curriculum, and work with their advisor, Dr. Anthony Irvin to schedule to degree completion.  Each student has advising plan on file with the department.  Any questions can be directed to:

Dr. Anthony Irving, Education Specialization Advisor   Email:

Dr. Angie McGuire, Graduate Director MPA Program Email:

Mrs. Karen McGrath, Department Administrator Email:    Phone:  856-225-6337

The Education Leadership specialization was offered to teachers and education professionals interested in pursuing school leader (i.e., principal) certification, or other opportunities for working in the public or nonprofit sectors, including in the charter school arena in New Jersey.  It includes four courses in Education Leadership; a 600-hour (6 credit) internship in a school setting, and an additional elective class.  Completion of the specialization meets the New Jersey Department of Education’s academic requirements for a range of administrative and supervisory certifications. 

Students admitted beginning with Summer 2017 follow the requirements noted below.  Students admitted prior to Summer 2017 may follow the earlier requirements linked below or the new 2017 requirements. 

Degree Requirements 

Education Leadership Specialization students admitted beginning with Summer 2017 follow the requirements listed here.

The MPA degree requires 42 credits of course work.  

Core of Common Knowledge (21 credits)

  • 501 Foundations of Policy Analysis
  • 515 Introduction to Public Budgeting and Finance
  • 525 Public and Nonprofit Management
  • 535 Research Methods
  • 557 Human Resources Management
  • 600 Education Law and Finance
  • 621 Capstone Research Workshop – Prerequisite: all core courses

Education Leadership Specialization (12 credits)

  • 522 Educational Supervision of Instruction*
  • 536 Public Information Systems
  • 548 Developing Curriculum for Deep Learning*
  • 558 Leadership and Communication

Education Leadership Internship (6 credits)

  • 544 Internship II (6 credits) 300 hours

Education specialization electives 

Choose one or two courses from:

  • 545 Models for Planning and Policy in Education
  • 546 Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Education
  • 547 Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement*
  • 549 Curriculum Leadership*
  • 570 Labor Management Relations
  • 601 Writing for Policy and Administration 

* These courses can be used to fulfill the NJDOE requirements for Supervisor endorsement. Successful completion of this program meets the academic requirements for the following administrative or supervisory endorsements: (1) School Administrator endorsement required for any position that involves services as district level administrative officer (i.e., Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Director; (2) Principal endorsement required for any position that involves services as an administrative officer of a school or other comparable unit within a school district (i.e. Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Principal, Assistant Principal, Vice-Principal and Director); (3) Supervisor endorsement required for both Supervisors of Instruction and Athletic Directors who do not hold a standard principal’s endorsement. For students matriculated after September 1, 2008, the 300-hour internship will fulfill the NJDOE requirements for the supervisor and principal endorsements.


Students admitted prior to Summer 2017 have the option to use the new requirements or the requirements in place at the date of their admission  Prior version (2015) can be found here Educational Policy and Leadership Specialization Worksheet.