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Contact Information

401 Cooper Street
Camden, NJ 08102

Ms. Karen McGrath
(856) 225-6337; fax: -6559

Urban Studies:
Ms. Lisa Alston
(856) 225-2936; fax: -6085

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Resources for Current Students



Master in Public Administration:
Community Development Specialization – Dr. Brandi Blessett
Educational Policy and Leadership Specialization – Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago
Executive MPA Students – Dr. Angie McGuire
IPSD Specialization and Coverdell Fellows – Dr. Maureen Donaghy
Public Management Specialization – See Sakai DPPA Advising F16/S17 or contact Karen McGrath

PhD in Public Affairs:
All PhD students & Graduate Assistants – Dr. Lori Minnite

Dual-Degree Programs:
BA/MPA Dual-Degree Political Science Students – Dr. Richard Harris
BA/MPA Dual-Degree Economic Students – Dr. Michael Hayes
BA/MPA Dual-Degree Urban Studies Students – Dr. Lori Minnite
CJ-MA/MPA Dual-Degree Students – Dr. Brandi Blessett
JD/MPA Dual-Degree Students – Dr. Brandi Blessett

Urban Studies and Community Development Program:
Dr. Melanie Bowers
Dr. Lori Minnite