Geocondo Idrovo and Natasha Young

MPA students Geoconda Idrovo (middle, in red dress) and Natasha Young (on right, in white shirt) are doing their overseas service in Puerto Rico at the Centro para Puerto Rico (the programmatic arm of the Sila M. Calderón Foundation). They are working on two projects. The first is a feasibility study for a Rutgers MPA on the island, to … Read more of Geocondo Idrovo and Natasha Young

Patricia Ciorici

Patricia Ciorici (Public Affairs Ph.D. candidate) and department chair Patrice Mareschal, presented a co-authored paper: “Against All Odds: Civic Engagement and Power Building in an Invisible Workforce,” at the International CRIMT (Research Centre on Globalization and Work) Conference, in Montreal, Canada, October 2012.  This paper examines how home care workers in Oregon, a predominantly female, geographically dispersed, and economically … Read more of Patricia Ciorici

Erik Estrada

In 2010, Erik Estrada, Public Affairs Ph.D. candidate and Project Officer of New Jersey Health Initiatives, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation project, received a National Urban Fellowship.  The NUF is a highly selective leadership development program for talented people of color and women interested in public service, social justice and equity.  Erik was featured in the 2012 … Read more of Erik Estrada