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We R Arts and Sciences: Joseph Harris

Joseph HarrisHe feels grateful that the university has given him an opportunity to gain knowledge in his field of interest. Read more ...

Contact Information

401 Cooper Street
Camden, NJ 08102

Ms. Karen McGrath
Phone: (856) 225-6337

Dept. Fax: (856) 225-6559

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Brandi Blessett

Office: 401 Cooper Street, Rm 301

Phone: (856) 225-6079

Degree School: Old Dominion University
Field of Degree: Urban Policy
Position:  Assistant Professor of Urban Studies and Public Administration

Research Interests:  administrative responsibility, health disparities, and urban inequality

Courses: Urban & Regional Revitalization Policy, Human Resources Mangement, Community Development Colloquium


Gloria Bonilla-Santiago

Office: 501 Cooper St.

Phone: (856) 225-6348



Degree School: City University of New York
Field of Degree: Ph.D. Sociology
Position: Board of Governors Service Professor of Public Policy and Administration, and Director, Community Leadership Center

Research Interests: leadership, school leadership and partnerships, charter schools, communities and poverty, children and families, early childhood and literacy, migration and migrant workers, women and leadership

Courses: Organizational Behavior, Leadership and Communication Skills, Managerial Skills, Foundations of Policy Analysis, Urban Practicum, Directed Study, Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Schools, History and Theory of Community Development


Picture of Dr. ChevrierMarie Isabelle Chevrier

Office: 401 Cooper Street, Rm 201

Phone: (856) 225-2973



Degree School: Harvard University
Field of Degree: Ph.D. Public Policy
Position: Professor of Public Policy and Administration and Department Chair

Research Interests: arms control, chemical and biological weapons policy, international negotiations, conflict and conflict resolution

Courses: International Negotiations, International Conflict and Conflict Resolution, Negotiations for Effective Management, Public Management


Stephen DanleyStephen Danley

Office: 401 Cooper Street, Rm 202

Phone: (856) 225-6343



Degree School: University of Oxford, Nuffield College
Field of Degree: D.Phil. Social Policy
Position: Assistant Professor Public Policy and Administration

Research Interests: local knowledge, informal organizations, local networks, urban neighborhoods, urban policy, New Orleans, Camden, Philadelphia

Courses: Local Knowledge: City Policy in New Orleans and Camden, International Economic Development, Qualitative Research Methods, Camden and the Greater Philadelphia Region


Maureen DonaghyMaureen M. Donaghy

Office: 401 Cooper Street, Rm 109

Phone: (856) 225-6131



Degree School: University of Colorado
Field of Degree: Ph.D. Political Science 
Position: Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy (joint appointment)

Research Interests: development and civil society, with an emphasis on participatory governance, urban politics and Latin America

Courses: International Economic Development, Colloquium on Poverty Alleviation Strategies, IPSD Capstone


Richard A. Harris

Office: Cooper Street, Rm 106

Phone: (856) 225-6339


Degree School: University of Pennsylvania
Field of Degree: Ph.D. Political Science
Position: Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and Administration (joint appointment)

Research Interests: government/business relations, regulatory policy, environmental policy

Courses: Foundations of Policy Analysis, Law and Public Policy, Environmental Policy, Regulatory Policy, Logic of Social Inquiry


Michael HayesMichael Hayes

Office: 401 Cooper Street, Rm 208

Phone: (856) 225-6561

Degree School:  American University
Field of Degree:
 Ph.D. in Public Administration and Policy
Position: Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Administration

Research Interests: Public Finance and Budgeting, Education Finance and Policy, Public Management, Tax Policy 

Courses: Foundations of Policy Analysis, Financial Management of Public Programs 


Paul Jargowsky

Office: 321 Cooper Street

Phone: (856) 225-2729



Degree School:  Harvard University
Field of Degree:  Ph.D. Public Policy
Position:  Professor of Public Policy, and Director, Center for Urban Research and Education (CURE)

Research Interests: inequality, geographic concentration of poverty, residential segregation by race and class, educational attainment and economic mobility 

Courses:  Economics, Sociology, Social Policy, Quantitative Methods


Margo Kaplankaplan

Office: 217 N 5th Street, Rm E419 (Law School)

Phone: (856) 225-6959


Degree School: New York University; Harvard University
Field of Degree: J.D., Masters in Public Administration
Position: Assistant Professor of Law and Public Policy (joint appointment with Rutgers-Camden School of Law)

Research Interests: law and public policy related to health, sex, and sexuality; criminal law; LGBTQ law and policy; feminism and the law

Courses: Health Law, Policy and Community


Patrice M. Mareschal

Office: 401 Cooper Street, Rm 305

Phone: (856) 225-6859


Degree School: University of Oklahoma

Field of Degree: Ph.D., Political Science
Position: Associate Professor of Public Policy and Administration

Research Interests: conflict resolution, labor unions, public policy

Courses: Labor Management Relations, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Ethics In Government, Research Methods, Foundations of Policy Analysis, Colloquium in Conflict Resolution, Colloquium in Program Evaluation


Lorraine C. Minnite

Office: 321 Cooper Street, Rm 301

Phone: (856) 225-2526


Degree School: City University of New York
Field of Degree: Ph.D. Political Science
Position:  Associate Professor of Public Policy and Director, Undergraduate Urban Studies Program

Research Interests:  inequality and poverty; American and urban politics and policy; voting rights; social movements; race, ethnicity and class; immigration

Courses: Foundations of Policy Analysis, Politics of Community Development, Alternative Development Strategies for Distressed Cities, Poverty and the Urban Environment, Research Workshop


Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn

Office: 321 Cooper Street, Rm 302

Phone: (856) 225-6353



Degree School: University of Texas at Dallas
Field of Degree:
Ph.D. Public Policy and Political Economy
Position: Assistant Professor of Public Policy 

Research Interests: public policy, public economics, income inequality, preferences for redistribution, urban and rural issues, cultural economics, values and religion, economics of happiness, quality of life, life satisfaction, economic and political transition in Eastern Europe 

Courses: Urban and Regional Economic Development, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems


Beth Rabinowitz

Office: 401 Cooper Street, Rm 101

Phone: (856) 225-2971

Degree School:  University of California, Berkeley
Field of Degree:  Ph.D. Political Science
Position:  Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and Administration (joint appointment)

Research Interests:  regime strategies and political stability in sub-Saharan Africa, with a particular focus on rural alliances

Courses:  African Politics, Comparative Politics, International Development