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We R Arts and Sciences: Joseph Harris

Joseph HarrisHe feels grateful that the university has given him an opportunity to gain knowledge in his field of interest. Read more ...

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Contact Information

401 Cooper Street
Camden, NJ 08102

Ms. Karen McGrath
(856) 225-6337; fax: -6559

Urban Studies:
Ms. Lisa Alston
(856) 225-2936; fax: -6085

Careers in Urban Studies

Skills developed as an Urban Studies major or minor:

  • Researching
  • Strong interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Managing projects and programs
  • Analyzing components of complex problems
  • Designing programs
  • Understanding planning research
  • Reading graphs and maps
  • Analyzing policy
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Facilitating group dialogue
  • Presenting ideas and information clearly, both orally and in writing
  • Managing people, processes & projects

Urban Studies majors and minors pursue multiple career paths:

  • Non-profit Management
  • Urban Planning and Design
  • Economic Development
  • Neighborhood & Community Development
  • Healthcare
  • Social Services
  • Public Administration
  • Real Estate
  • Education Advocacy
  • Teaching
  • International Development
  • Community-based organizing