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We R Arts and Sciences: Dana Pilla

“Rutgers–Camden is truly invested in the community of Camden," says Spanish lecturer Dana Pilla. Read more ...

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Contact Information

401 Cooper Street
Camden, NJ 08102

Ms. Karen McGrath
(856) 225-6337; fax: -6559

Urban Studies:
Ms. Lisa Alston
(856) 225-2936; fax: -6085

Ph.D. Degree Requirements

The Ph.D. program emphasizes the theories, methodologies, and applications appropriate to the comprehensive understanding of community development. The required courses lead to proficiency in such diverse areas as analysis, governmental systems, and the connections across governments and private and nonprofit organizations. A rigorous set of requirements cultivates the keen research skills that will prepare students to compete successfully for careers in academia and across a wide spectrum of nonacademic fields. The Ph.D. curriculum consists of the following courses totaling 63 credits.

CORE CURRICULUM (11 courses/33 credits)

Theory Courses (2 courses/6 credits)

(Theory courses must be taken at Rutgers-Camden)

  • 824:701 Theory and History of Community Development
  • 824:710 Planning, Markets, and Community Development

Methods Courses (5 courses/15 credits)

  • 824:703 Logic of Social Inquiry
  • 824:702 Quantitative Analysis I
  • 824:709 Quantitative Analysis II
  • One Methods Elective
  • 824:713 Research Design

Content Courses (4 courses/12 credits) 

  • 1 International course approved by the Ph.D. Program Director 
  • 824:705 Regional and Economic Development
  • 824:706 Practicum in Community Development
  • 824:711 Politics of Community Development  OR 824:704 Alternative Development Strategies

ELECTIVE COURSES (6 courses/18 credits)

  • 2 School of Law courses from an approved list
  • 1 School of Business course from an approved list
  • Any 3 additional graduate courses selected from Law, Business, Public Affairs, Economics, or Sociology, or other department if approved by the student’s advisor of the Program Director.

DISSERTATION (15 credits)
Dissertation committees will consist of a minimum of three members: one tenured faculty member from the Department of Public Policy and Administration will serve as chair.  One member of the committee may be from outside the university, either from another university, government agency, or non-profit organization.