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Contact Information

401 Cooper Street
Camden, NJ 08102

Ms. Karen McGrath
(856) 225-6337; fax: -6559

Urban Studies:
Ms. Lisa Alston
(856) 225-2936; fax: -6085

About the Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. in Public Affairs–Community Development is a 66-credit Doctoral degree program offered by the Department of Public Policy & Administration that consists of interdisciplinary coursework and culminates in a doctoral dissertation. 

This program’s curriculum is designed to give students a strong theoretical grounding in the interdisciplinary nature of public affairs and community development by incorporating courses from the DPPA, The Law School, and The Business School at Rutgers–Camden. 

The required courses ensure that students develop an understanding of community development across levels of analysis, levels of government, and the connections between governments and private and non-profit organizations. 

Robust research methods requirements allow students to cultivate keen research skills that will allow them to successfully compete in the job market both inside and outside academia.  Meanwhile, elective courses further expand the interdisciplinary aspect of the program while also providing students with the opportunity to tailor the program to their research and professional interests.

Ultimately, the advanced coursework provides students with expertise in community development as they begin to formulate their doctoral dissertation, which accounts for 15 of the program’s 66 credits.  Students must formulate a dissertation proposal and project, both stages of which must be successfully defended at an oral dissertation panel consisting of three Rutgers faculty members. 

In addition, students in the Ph.D. program who are unable to complete the doctoral requirements will still be eligible to receive a Master’s of Arts in Public Affairs, provided they successfully complete 42 credits of Community Development coursework.