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MPA Educational Policy and Leadership Concentration

The Educational Policy and Leadership Concentration (EPLC) is one of the four degree concentrations in the Master of Public Administration program. The concentration is designed to prepare students interested in pursuing leadership roles as administrators or policy specialists in educational settings and in the public and private sectors.

Created in 2003, the concentration serves as the only program at Rutgers-Camden for educators who are interested in pursuing graduate level professional training specific to education. It expands the core mission of the DPPA by including schools as key agencies in the field of public administration, and by offering a unique mix of academic experience in instructional as well as managerial leadership.

The Educational Policy and Leadership Concentration provides two distinct programs of study:

The first is for students who want to earn a Masters in Public Policy and Administration. The degree may be pursued on a full time (two-year) or part-time (four-year) basis.  Students engage in rigorous core coursework, specialized educational policy courses and elective courses that include options for specialized seminars and internship opportunities.

The second program of study is intended for candidates who already possess a Masters degree in Education or related fields such as Leadership or Management, and wish to earn their Post Degree Education Supervisor Certificate.  The certificate makes candidates eligible for the NJDOE initial certification as principal. 

Upon completion of the program, successful participants earn an MPA degree with an Educational Policy and Leadership concentration and fulfill the academic requirements for the following New Jersey administrative and/or supervisory endorsements:

  1. School administrator endorsement required for any position that involves service as district level administrative officer (i.e., superintendent assistant superintendent, director; 
  2. Principal endorsement required for any position that involves service as an administrative officer of a school or other comparable unit within a school district (i.e. assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, principal, assistant principal, vice-principal and director); and,
  3. Supervisor endorsement required for both supervisors of instruction and athletic directors who do not hold a standards principal’s endorsement.

Our alumni have a successful track record of career advancement in New Jersey school districts, with over 80 percent of EPLC alumni appointed to leadership positions in schools. 

Download a copy of the Education Policy and Leadership Concentration worksheet (PDF File).

Please contact the Faculty Coordinator for the MPA–Educational Policy and Leadership Concentration for more information on the program: 

Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago
321 Cooper Street
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 225-6348